Tracy brothers playing in a group lesson in my Knightdale studio

Hello & Welcome to Guitar Charlie Music Studios! I offer guitar, bass, piano, mandolin & ukulele lesson for ages 5 & up. I  teach in music studios in Clayton, Knightdale, Garner and North Raleigh. Also, I  travel to teach home lessons in the Raleigh,Garner and Knightdale areas.

Music lessons are designed and planned according to the student's instrument, level of playing & what he or she chooses to learn in their lessons. My instruction includes:  learning music theory (as it relates to the student's progress); developing a sense of rhythm, phrasing & melody; & learning techniques of improvising with chords & scales. I offer lessons in individual and group settings. Students that can not read music notation begin simple reading exercises of note recognition, time signatures, note values, eye hand coordination and more.  Techniques of songwriting are offered to my more advanced students.

I am a graduate of Music Education with 25 years teaching experience. I have students at the very beginning of instrument studies & others who are playing advanced techniques in folk, country, rock, blues, and classical music.

Whether you are a beginning student of music, or looking to advance your musicianship- the advantages of my teaching is that I will progressively teach students  the elements & fundamentals of their chosen instrument that I have learned over many years. So, you (the student) will receive a carefully designed lesson by lesson learning of what musical knowledge I have accumulated, but taught at a pace comfortable to each student depending on their rate of progress.   

Madison learning more Beatles' songs and some in classical style

I hope that you're enjoying these pictures of my students! I'm so proud of what they have and are accomplishing!  Click on my Photos page, for larger image and picture description.  

As each student comes with his or her individual musical wants and interests, student lessons are designed to meet these needs of a particular student. I have young  students of ages 5 to 14 as well as students of upper ages. According to a student's level of musicianship (beginner, advanced or in between), students are taught how to read music, music theory in relation to their progress, chords, scales and how to write/compose their own songs.  I have designed a method of teaching which is full of great musical exercises & fun illustrations for the young student to enjoy while learning skills on their instrument.

(Some guitar students choose not to include learning to read music as part of the lessons. This is fine. Students can first learn chords, scales and rhythm/strum patterns. And, then learn songs using lyric & chord sheets and tablature.)

Students have come to me for lessons with varied Goals. Do one of these statements fit you?

*You always wanted to learn to play but didn't know where to start
*You have played for awhile but need help getting to the next level
*You would like your child to discover the joy of playing an instrument
 *You have goals of being a professional musician but need help getting there                                                                                                       *You just simply want to learn more about playing an instrument

For any of these reasons and goals for which you or your child would consider starting lessons, with our first meeting and lesson- we will access and discuss how to design future lessons which best suit these goals.

General Information:
   First lesson is free
    Beginners and experienced students welcome
    Focus on the style or styles of music you want to learn
    Learn the styles and techniques of your favorite musicians
    Develop and learn at a comfortable pace
    Develop a professional sound
   Helping You Reach Your Goals By:                                                 
   Finding the learning method that works best for you
                                                                                                                                                         Taking your musicianship to the next level
    Building your confidence
    Focusing on music that you are interested in
    Inspiring you to find and express your true musical heart

   We Will Work On:
   Understanding music theory as it relates to your progress
   How chords are structured and fit in a musical key
    Developing that essential sense of rhythm in different styles
    Improvising- learning how different scales sound over different chords
    Improving the quality of your sound and tone
    Expanding your creativity
    Connecting with the songs emotionally & physically
    Presentation (stage presence)

   Also Offered:
    Ear Training
    Songwriting (further developing your songs or learning how to write a song)
    Stage Performance- Recitals are offered in Clayton & Knightdale for students who choose to perform